Those who do not want to
create anything,
produce nothing.
Mohnny Jackle

Mock Ups

Where is it going? Okay, now let me show you what it will look like.

Hockey Bag Rehab

This promotion was a huge success and the branding brought it home.

Outdoor Media

When it is in everyone's eye, make sure you brand is ALWAYS remembered!

Try Before You Buy

Put your image on the product you want to use before spending the money to see it done wrong. dS will provide you with full mock ups.

Office Building Signage

Full Blown Branding for all purposes from vehicles to buildings. Tell us what you need and consdier it completed.

Digital Print-Marketing

Arms reach advertising, mail outs, digital mailers, posters and banners. ALL you need, right here.

HR CAD Design

Do you need a floorplan? Need a grid design or something developed into a design in CAD/MAYA or others? Then CALL US! Lets Just Do It!

Agents-Digital Media

Take your image and branding into the highest level of professional outreach. Get on board with most recent trending media and be noticed.

Sport Teams

Sublinated jerseys, both home and away in one jersey, are trending among athletes today. Get your jerseys designed and printed with dS!

Colour Aware

Rich, attention getting colours are cause for pause. People pay attention to specifc colour schematics, we consult on this, just ask about it.

Product Packaging

Packaging, product lines and more able to be developed for approval prior to runs on the line.

Permanent Branding

Electric torch eye cutting design.

Metal Works

Emblem work can be designed, mocked up and accepted. Ask your designer about this as this type of media is trending big time!


See in advance how your bottled products will appear prior to having them printed.

I am not strange.
I am just not normal.
Salvador Dali


Award winning digital agency.
We bring a personal and effective approach
to every project we work on,which is why
our clients love us
and why they keep coming back.

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A true artist
is not one who is inspired,
but one who inspires others.
Salvador Dali


We have a unique
blend of talent that allows
us to offer such a diverse
range of services.

dS1992is unique unto the industry. Many houses provide specific services only. Graphics, branding, creative and so on. With dS1992 you get it all and beyond. The WOW factor you show every time we present is what makes us tick. Sure, we all want to earn a living, but that is the tangible from our perspective. The intangible is you, the customer, being 100% blown away by the end result.

Every client is unique, even as we are to our industry. We get that. MISSING in our industry is the fact that we, as designers, writers and artists, have only one mouth and two ears. We here at dS1992 get that it would be best for our clients if we listen twice as much as we talk.

Intelligence without ambition
is a bird without wings.
Salvador Dali


Easily add more, to your BRAND,
to your SALES, by
working with dS1992.

Youtube & Video Support

Embed Videos directly from your favourite video websites or on your server to show off your company and the value you proivde to your clients!


Hopefully we can provide you with some early answers to questions you might have. If it isn't answered here, which we don't expect they all will be, then drop us a line and we will get that answered for you.

What is the process for work to be completed?
1. Determine what it is you are looking to have completed. 2. Determine the timeline. 3. Depending on the work scope, create a quote and storyboard outline and then present that along with a quote. 4. If you agree to having the work completed, we then sign a long and arduous 3 page agreement. 5. WE GET CREATIVE!
Do you have an hourly rate?
We work both hourly and by the assignment. Our rate per hour is generally $35 per hour unless it involves scratch design work for logos or additional backend administrative programming that requires high security. In that case rates can go as high as $75 per hour, however, are the best the industry offers coupled with our guarantee.
Can I provide input as we go along?
This is a big YES! We always provide you with a play-by-play as we develop, in real time, allowing your input all along the way. Hey, this is your work we are doing and designing for you. Without your input we have nothing to go on and the time can add up very quickly. As a matter of fact, in your agreement it is clearly pointed out that you will work to respond to us as we provide updates to ensure that the work flow is not slowed down and can keep moving fluidly.
Do you ever use the same work over again? If so, would that be on my assignment?
Any time we create something that hasn't been purchased outright by a client we keep it in our archives in the event we wish to use it again for a similar project. So, in short, yes we do reuse different items we have created, however, this is only on web based applications, such as modules. IF we are talking about logos, client's branding and artwork, then once it is completed for the customer it stays with the customer and we NEVER use it again for either a new customer or for ourselves. You bought it, in that case, therefore, it belongs to you or your company.
Do I need a web site and apps for mobile devices?
We are often challanged on this question by those who are in the feild. The truth is, due to the way we create our web sites in HTML5/CSS3, they are responsive to all devices and operating system platforms. What this means is when a specific device, be it a smaller iPhone or Blackberry, views your web, it reassembles itself according to the device viewing it. If it is an iPad it would have the same effect utilizing the size of the screen it is being displayed on. Technically, with this understanding, you do not need to have additional apps for specific devices, but can have the app you were thinking of developed right into your web. Why pay for something additional when you can have it, regardles of the device viewing it without the added costs.
How fast can my work be completed?
Obviously not a question that can be answered like "how long does it take to make a cup of coffee?". With that said, we move quick. We have designed some web sites within two or three days with 100% scratch artwork. It just depends. Artwork on it's own can be created within a day and proofing right after. Once your order is in and your agreement is signed, your work begins so it does happen very quickly. Most ad houses take no less than three to four weeks. The majority of our work is completed to client satisfaction within days.

Drawing is the honesty of the art.
There is no possibility of cheating:
It is either good or bad.
Salvador Dali


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